Welcome to Hamilton Disston School

Our Vision

We feel that through the support and guidance of our students and their families, we will promote the students personal growth and development which will enable them to become valuable members of society.

Our Mission

We, the staff of Hamilton Disston, believe that our mission is to provide to emotional and behavioral disabled students a quality education in a safe enviroment that will facilitate each student's academic, emotional and social development.

(photo courtesy of: Ms. Rensel Art Class)

Our Beliefs...

* Each individual deserves to be treated with unconditional positive regard to develop and improve their self-esteem.

* All students have the potential to learn to accept responsibility and adapt or change their behavior toward more positive activities.

* Through diversified teaching techniques we strive to simulate real life situations, accommodate individual differences, and provide the opportunity to experience success in an educational setting.

* Our students can progress to their fullest potential by providing them with opportunities to make choices toward positive growth, thus preparing them for a successful transition to life in the community.

* We accept (embrace) the challenges our students bring. We strive to make a positive difference in their lives and celebrate their successes.

PRIDE stands for:   

Participate Academically   

Respect Self and Other

Interact Appropriately

Do Your Best*

Engage in Problem Solving